Lounge Chair

Midura Lounge Chair

Midura comes from Polish, 

each letter represents its own meaning: 

M for Mild, I for Inspire, 

D for Diamond, U for Unique, 

R for Refreshing, A for Athleticism. 

This product is born with these characteristics.

The armrest of the lounge chair 

is connected with the supporting foot. 

The chair looks so strong but not too thick in the distance, 

and from a close view, there are still many details. 

The metal plate of the back is made into an arc, 

which fits with the cushion more perfectly, 

bringing comfort to the user and 

a comfortable support to the cushion at the same time. 

Moreover, the curve is matched with the soft and elastic cushion, 

which shows the gentleness to us.

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Oranger Blossom Lounge Chair

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