Hong 3-Seater

According to Origin of Chinese Charactersthe original meaning of (Hong)” is the sound of bow, especially the loud voice of bow. Later, it has the adjective meaning of "macro" and "large". Because the hump of the back is the most critical part of the bow when bending or stretching, the verb meaning of "Hong" is "expand and carry forward". The boundless blue sky and the white clouds floating in the air may be the best image of this word.

Hong is as big and spacious as its name. This set of sofa with its wide armrest, embracing the thick cushion, is intended to let people feel a sense of security wrapped when sitting on it.

The armrest of the sofa chair is inlaid with teak, the left and right one are connected behind the chair, forming an open-loop shape. The back of the chair is tightly wrapped with a rope. When we put cushions on it, which looks more all-embracing and grand.


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Hong 3-Seater



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